How to Apply

Qualifying for Dual Credit

You may be eligible for Dual Credit courses if you are a current junior or senior from one of the high schools or charter high schools participating in the NMSU Dual Credit Program. Private school and home-school students may also be eligible.

Students interested in dual credit must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a high school junior or senior enrolled at least half-time at their high school
  • Obtain approval from a high school guidance counselor
  • Obtain approval from parent or guardian
  • Must meet the required high school GPA requirement – please see How to Qualify.

Applying for Dual Credit

Students interested in enrolling in dual credit courses should follow the application process below.

  1. Print the following documents or request a dual credit packet from your high school counselor.
  2. New to Dual Credit?
  3. Fill out all forms and obtain required signatures.
  4. Turn in completed, signed forms along with current high school transcript/testing scores to the high school counselor.
  5. Schedule an advising appointment with the NMSU Dual Credit advisor to select classes from approved dual credit courses.
*You can meet with your NMSU Dual Credit Advisor, in-person, during our open enrollment season. Check with your high school counselor for details.